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Looking forward to the time when he can place an order for his new Triumph’ After the end of the first World War – 11th November, – cycle production resumed, with companies introducing their postwar models in Since we’ve served the Chicago motorcycle community with pride. Triumph and Royal Enfield knocking the dust off Multiply that by for an approximate value today, Prince Charles and Camilla: Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Bonneville T120 (Pre-Unit)

BMW F GS Adventure review 16 Jul Elsewhere the XC follows the standard Explorer, so has the same bhp three-cylinder engine with shaft final drive, and a tubular steel frame with long-travel suspension. Like the standard bike it’s tall and quite heavy at kg with fuel , but pleasant and easy to ride on the road thanks to smooth, wonderfully flexible power delivery and handling that is light for such a big bike.

As a long-distance roadster the XC has much going for it. The riding position is upright and roomy; the adjustable seat reasonably comfortable; and the screen, which is quickly adjustable for height, provides a respectable amount of wind protection. The unchanged, litre tank is good for roughly miles, enough for most riders.

The Tiger Cub Club. This is the official website of the Triumph Tiger Cub Club, an informal association open to anyone with a passion for Triumph’s classic T20 motorcycles. You can use this site to find out more about the Cub Club or about the bikes themselves.

The patent numbers you will find on the triangular plate on the timing cover and in period brochures refer to several Triumph features by now standard across the range. The T21 was designed from the outset as a machine incorporating for then; modern features and aimed to attract new buyers looking for clean inexpensive transport.

The design brief was for a clean, high performance, cc roadster and the components and specifications applied reflect this. A bolted on sub frame supports the seat and rear suspension while additional welded on brackets are provided for other components. The headset and engine bridge support are malleable-iron castings. For this early frame the Trail is The forks are oil damped of conventional Triumph design for the period featuring chromed stanchions held in malleable cast iron brackets with the sliders supported by sintered bronze bushes.

The long internal springs and damping control are housed within the stanchions. Externally there are painted covers. The lower sliders feature cast clamps and at the lower end is a mudguard support that can be hinged down to support the front wheel to assist in wheel removal. The recommended quantity of SAE 30 Oil for each fork leg is cc.

The headset is enclosed by the trademark Triumph Nacelle, made in two parts with chrome trims disguising the joins, the Nacelle houses the headlamp with pilot light, combined ignition and lighting switch on the right, ammeter on the left, the speedometer and the horn.


However, using those characteristics can be horribly misleading. In other words, this article will act as a guide, rather than a map, revealing land marks, rather than sign posts. You might not find the correct house, but you will at least end up in the right neighbourhood. Let’s assume, for the moment, that cutting edge Velo technology is reserved for top of the line, or close to it, models. And, let’s also assume that, sooner or later, the top end technology will trickle down to lesser steeds.

Assuming that to be true, one must understand that the trickle down system, spans both years and, often times, decades.

Not only does it have a British engine and transmission thanks to Triumph, it has a Rickman frame and bodywork, and just to cap things off, it’s parked outside the Ace Cafe in London – the original home of the cafe racer dating back to the s.

The T20 Tiger Cub brief was clear and straightforward. It was to be a small bike with BIG pretensions. Or, if you prefer, BIG aspirations. A bike that filled a gap at the low end of the range. The T20 Cub was also intended as an antidote to the fog of British two-strokes smoking up British streets. Which was no small consideration in view of the Great Smog of December which quietly—and perhaps not so quietly—murdered around people.

The cc T15 Terrier had shown the way. The T20 Cub gave the Terrier the extra bark it needed. And there were plenty of takers. Between and , Triumph built and sold , Tiger Cubs including Terriers and mobilised thousands of teenage tearaways desperate from relief from the gritty poverty of a Britain still reeling from the victory of war. The flywheel was a pressed-up item driving two timing gears one integral with the camshaft.

The gearbox is a conventional four-speed unit housed in a separate crankcase compartment. All cubs have right-side gear change. Clutches are wet multiplate 3 plain, 3 friction.

Determining the Age of a Raleigh

Built by the Berlin-based workshop Berham , this skeletal machine whipped the ass of several factory-backed entries at the Glemseck festival a few days ago, taking home the coveted Sprint International trophy. When Berham main man Martien Delfgaauw got the prized invitation, he knew exactly where to start the build: With a genuine Harris frame owned by his partner Felix Pilz. Twenty years, ago Felix had bought the frame from a former Harris dealer.

frame originally fitted with an Ulster engine but now sporting a Special engine; Buff Card Log Book & current V5c; Rudge Club Dating Certificate; believed to have been previously owned by Francis Cann who was a well known Speedway rider for the Exeter Falcons; this machine is a replica of the Earls Court Show bike (pictures of.

Discuss The story of Derek and Don Rickman and the line of scramblers that they created is unique in the annals of motocross. The Rickmans were both world-class competitors and innovative designers. After riding less-than-competitive machinery for the Royal Enfield factory, the English brothers decided to develop a motocross hybrid of their own.

Older brother, Derek, called the first machine a “Metisse,” French for mongrel, and it was an apt description, as the machine was a mixture of mechanical bloodlines: Triumph cc twin engine, BSA frame, gearbox, clutch and wheels, and Norton forks. Derek rode the bike to victory in its first competition in England in After a second successful BSA-framed version, the brothers developed the Mark III Metisse, sporting a beautiful nickel-plated frame of their own design and construction.

Engine oil was carried in the frame and additional weight savings were gained by utilizing snail-cam chain adjusters mounted at the swingarm pivot, reducing the unsprung weight, and extensively using fiberglass for the gas tank and other bodywork. So much interest was shown in the Mark III that the Rickman brothers began commercial production of chassis kits, capable of housing a number of different engines, in The quality and handling of the Rickman chassis, and it acceptance by world-class competitors, was well demonstrated by the fact that 24 Metisses were on the line at the Motocross des Nations in In , the Mark IV chassis was introduced, a refined version of the existing frame.

This is representative of a combination that carried the Rickman brothers and many of their customers to wins throughout the s, before the lighter two strokes ran them off the tracks of Europe. The bike weighs lbs dry and has a Triumph cc 6T engine, producing 47 bhp. The motorbike was originally built in Carswell Oxfordshire.

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If it is just for information I will require rubbings or photographs of the engine and frame numbers. This certificate cannot be used for obtaining an age related dating certificate. It can be used for display purposes though. Please include a large stamped self- addressed envelope. The certificate is A4 size therefore it cannot be folded down into a small envelope.

British Spares supply classic motorcycle parts by mailorder for Triumph, Norton, BSA motorcycles. Online search and price, free Special Products catalogue. Over 13, line items on 3 miles of shelving.

I walk up to the bike, situate my foot on the rubber kicker, find top dead center and strike down. It starts easily, breathing out the swoopy straight pipes and cackling with each blip of the throttle. I pull on the clutch, tap my right sneaker on the shifter, let off the clutch and away I go. The motor roars on acceleration, pulls hard through the shifts and burbles on deceleration. From congested streets to two-lane blacktop, we wind our way from Manhattan to the heart of downtown Ogden.

My eyes scan the surroundings. The closed service garage. The gas station-turned-gun range. The Post Office with a plaque honoring Dwight D. We turn right at the community center with its corrugated metal siding and move through the neighborhoods with streets named after horses like Clydesdale, Stallion and Palomino. That project gave him a firsthand look at the nuts and bolts of building one of these things—and it also served as a prime platform to develop his signature style.

Growing up in suburban Detroit, he stayed tuned to the History Channel and was constantly reading, researching and filling sketchbooks with drawings of all sorts. As the years progressed, so did his affinity for the machines of bygone eras, specifically cars and bikes.

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On my Matchless G3LS this is stamped into the top of the front down-tube. I initially, like many other people, mistook it to be the frame number. Actually it is just a casting or part number identifier from when the frame was made and hence is identical on many Matchless and AJS bikes, so beware!

Introduced in , the Trophy continued with relatively minor changes until BSA-Triumph’s major revamp of its range in brought with it a new ‘oil bearing’ frame, conical hubs and a change of name to ‘Blazer’, with Street Scrambler and Trail versions available.

Share this article Share There was no mercy shown on a night when reputation counted for nothing. In , the share of the vote won by pro-UK parties in Scotland was On Thursday, it was more than 61pc. A bigger blow to the Nationalists came when Angus Robertson, their impressive leader at Westminster, was turfed out of his Moray seat.

Across the North, the central belt and the Borders, large, often five-digit majorities won just two years ago were swept away in the electoral whirlwind. In Perth, Pete Wishart won by 21 votes. It is the age-old problem of what happens when a passionate political movement actually wins power — and is exposed as being ill-equipped to run a whelk stall. In the end, her measures have been timid and unconvincing, largely because she is wary of alienating Left-wing teaching unions and public-sector workers who she hopes will support the break-up of Britain in a second referendum.

The ultimate goal of independence has consistently acted as a block on the hard, thankless business of effective government.

Ariel Engine and Frame Number Prefixes

Veteran Motorcycle for Sale or Wanted The idea for this veteran motorcycle for sale page is to pull a list of all of the places that you might find a veteran motorcycle for sale. A veteran motorcycle is one made before I ride a and Triumph and you can read about my experiences here – http: My email is paulg go-faster.

So, you’ve got a vintage Triumph motorcycle but you aren’t sure what year it is, or you want to identify a swap meet frame or engine along with other Triumph motorcycle parts and don’t know how to look up or decode the serial or VIN numbers? If so, the information below will be a big help.

To obtain a dating certificate it is necessary to contact the club archivist via the club website in the first instance, or by using the postal address shown in the list of Club Officers found in Torque, the club magazine. The issuing of a certificate cannot be done via email. Email can only be used for other MDS enquiries. Good quality photographs are required. As a minimum you should have photos of both sides of the bike, the Engine Number, and the Frame Number.

Photographs should be endorsed as correct and signed by the applicant. Details of old registration numbers, or if you have any original Bills of Sale or Service documents then this will make the job much easier. Also needed is some information as to what you think the bike is, and what year it may be made, if it is relevant.

Triumph Tiger Explorer XC review

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Triumph Tiger Cub rear brake. The brakes ain’t great, but they’re adequate for the performance of this bike. The brakes ain’t great, but they’re adequate for the performance of this bike. Just keep the drums in tip-top shape (and wear thick-soled boots).

That’s dangerous talk because the guys who own and love their Birmingham Small Arms M-Series military mounts take their rides pretty seriously and can be a sensitive bunch. And here at Sump we know that because we’ve got a fabled BSA WM20 in the garage, and every once in a while we chip in some idle comment on Henk Joore’s near legendary BSA WM20 forum and more or less talk the talk and walk the walk, etc. So we know what goes down. But what with one bike and another, it doesn’t get anywhere near the kind of exercise it used to get.

This example was built in Fact is, the Triumph TRW is a compelling proposition for anyone interested in British sidevalves, not least British military sidevalves. A decade ago, they were barely on the radar. Most military bike riders are a friendly bunch who are invariably intrigued by anything beyond the norm. And the TRW was definitely not the norm in the early part of this century, or the latter part of the century before that.

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