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The Chicago City-Wide Collection comes from a wide range of sources: Where appropriate, the provenance of individual items has been noted on folders. Provenance information for Supplements , and for the Collection’s photographs, is provided in their respective Scope and Content notes. When quoting material from this collection the preferred citation is: Processed by Galen R. Each accession consists of an assortment of manuscript, printed and photographic materials. The focus of this collection is general Chicago history, covering the city as a whole and the communities for which there is no separate neighborhood history collection. Materials on the Loop and Downtown areas can be found in this collection.

Rand McNally Video Expeditions: Exploring the Galapagos Islands

The name honors William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, and head of government at the time. This selection of maps and views presents a history of the city and region from that moment to near the present; some can be seen on other pages of this website. There are few earlier large scale maps of the region because there was nothing there of interest.

(–Map of Western States, , Rand, McNally & Co.) A possible location was on Highway W, west of Black Jack, and at Section 21, Township 36 N, Range 26 W, since the map .

This map illustrates the entire Philippine archipelago and labels all the major islands, including Luzon, Leyte, Panay, Samar, and Mindanao. The map also includes British North Borneo at the lower left corner. The map is incredibly detailed and features hundreds of cities, towns, and villages, and labels several island groups around the central Philippine archipelago.

The map offers three insets: All three insets are just as detailed as the central. Cartographer Rand, McNally and Co. The company was founded in when William H. Rand, a native of Quincy, Massachusetts, opened a print shop in Chicago. The duo landed several important contracts, including the Tribune’s later renamed the Chicago Tribune printing operation. In , Rand McNally produced its first map, a railroad guide, using a new cost effective printing technique known as wax process engraving.

As Chicago developed as a railway hub, the Rand firm, now incorporated as Rand McNally, began producing a wide array of railroad maps and guides.

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In Gulf turned to H. Gousha for its maps. In the days before television and billboards, free road maps were a major means of advertising for the oil companies, and in the mid ‘s others joined Gulf in the free map game.

LOT OF VINTAGE 17 Vintage United States Road Maps from ‘s, ‘s and ‘s – $ Offering this nice sized lot of 17 vintage United States road maps dating from the ’s, ’s and ’s. Most all of the maps are in great overall condition but be advised at least 6 of them have a route highlighted on them from a road trip long ago.

It failed during the Great Depression. Clason maps are notorious for having no date information. Instead, various elements of the maps changed over time. Use the link above to connect to a site at Michigan State University to learn more about dating Clason maps. Diversified Maps The following information was provided by Jim Wakefield: Some, but not all, Diversified maps contianed a three or four digit date code.

It was often, but not always in the bottom left or bottom right corner of the body of the map. If the code contains three digits, the first digit appears to reference the base map. If the code contains four digits, the first two digits reference the base map.

Lost or Found? A Stick Chart From the Marshall Islands

These icons show footnotes as tooltips Archived at Google Groups for your reading pleasure. If numbering plans in and had taken hold, the family of x78’s would have hung their heads in Ohio. In , I was proposed to lead from Norwalk to Akron, on a direct route that was never built, and from there to Youngstown, where I goes today.

You’ll also find a city/county index on the map, inset maps of major cities, a mileage chart and driving times map between the state’s main cities, and Rand McNally Express Access Codes for more information online.

This page attempts to credit those individuals and list those sources consulted. Any omissions are purely unintentional and will be included by dropping a line to the webmaster. Route Lengths A special note about the route lengths used on this website. The lengths of each state highway route have been computed from an official WisDOT highway log database which tracks each segment of highway down to the one-thousandth of a mile. Many, many thanks go to Bob for making sure the route lengths on this website are as accurate as possible!

Sources The sources of information for the Wisconsin Highways website are many and varied. Sources from both the government and the private sector have been consulted when gathering data for these pages. A sampling of these sources appears below: Previous editions of the “Wisconsin Official State Highway Map” from the webmaster’s own personal collection, dating back to WisDOT’s website at http: Various commercial maps and road atlases from through the present to help pinpoint highway termini and gather historical information.

Information offered by helpful websurfers of the Wisconsin Highways website. Information offered by helpful individuals from WisDOT, including Mark Morrison, Robert Swartz, and especially Bob Spoerl who has been instrumental in ensuring this website has the most accurate and up-to-date information. Eternal thanks go to Bob!

Rand McNally RV Tablet 80 8-Inch RV GPS with optional Backup Camera (Lifetime map updates included)

By Nathaniel Scharping November 3, 2: Our maps have been lying to us for centuries. The standard classroom maps we all learned geography from are based on the Mercator projection, a 16th century rendering that preserved lines used for navigation while hideously distorting the true sizes of continents and oceans further from the equator.

The result is a widespread misconception that Greenland is as big as Africa, Siberia and Canada are disproportionally massive, and that Antarctica apparently just goes on forever. But the AuthaGraph may be the pinnacle of accuracy. No Accurate Maps For centuries, cartographers have made numerous attempts to account for the inconsistency.

Jan 02,  · SOURCE: Droped my new rand mcnally gps and cracked the Hello, You can replace a cracked GPS screen, but you can’t repair it. If your GPS is under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer directly about sending the unit back to have the screen replaced.

After about 5 or 6 months of checking there really WAS an update! I downloaded it, in about 13 minutes. I remember a couple years ago when we were limited to the speed of our Verizon JetPack and a few gigs per month of bandwidth that it once took me 5 hours to download a map update. There was nothing wrong with the download, it was just a really big map and a really slow connection.

I wonder about the map updates though… The Rand McNally system updates via a stand-alone desktop application. Once you initialize the update you can view the names of the files being downloaded and see the progress in a typical download thermometer. This time most of the files I saw being uploaded were about specific attractions — heavily weighted to the East and West Coasts. It might be nicer if that stuff was optional, but hey, all I care about now is that I have a new map.

And one of those is a database of Veterinary locations around the country. Initially I thought that I could find a software switch to turn them off.

Rand McNally Road map: Arizona, New Mexico

August 19, ] The discovery of the oldest surviving engraved globe to show the New World was announced today in Washington in The Portolan, a prestigious journal of cartography published by the Washington Map Society, in its Fall issue Copies have been posted to all active members of the Society and to all institutions who are active subscribers to the journal. The globe reflects the knowledge gleaned by Christopher Columbus and other very early European explorers including Amerigo Vespucci after whom America was named.

The author points to Florence Italy as where the globe was made, and offers evidence that the engraver was influenced by or worked in the workshop of Leonardo da Vinci. We undertook a very extensive peer review process to vet the article, which itself was based on more than a year of scientific and documentary research. After all no one had known of it, and discoveries of this type are extremely rare.

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Singh Show more https: The palaeocurrent patterns and palaeoenvironmental setting of these rocks indicate multiple palaeoslopes and locate the provenance to the east and south. The interrelationship of sedimentary facies and palaeoenvironments of the Delhi Supergroup can best be explained by an evolving intracratonic rift-basin model, comparable to several well-studied continental rift basins. The initial down-sag produced a N-S trending basin which received thick carbonate facies of the lower Raialo Group.

Associated with early rifting, conglomerate-sandstone facies association of the middle Raialo developed in isolated grabens. The oligomict conglomerate was deposited along the border faults in the wave and tidal reworking zones and graded to beach sandstone towards the basin centre. Continued extension across the basin axis resulted in outpouring of basic to acid volcanics of the upper Raialo.

Renewed rifting and associated major vertical tectonism produced some new grabens and caused wider submergence at the onset of the Alwar sedimentation. Coarse clastics of fluvial origin developed along fault scarps in the proximal southern parts as — m thick conglomerate bodies grading to marginal marine sandstones northwards and towards the graben centres.

Subsequently, the intervening highlands between grabens were gradually exposed. Another sea-level rise under the influence of a still wider downwarping resulted in submergence of all the interbasin highlands and unification of all the smaller basins into a wider basin, wherein the carbonate and psammo-pelitic assemblage of the Ajabgarh Group was deposited on multi-lagoonal tidal flats. Sedimentation was intermittently interrupted by basin-wide subaqueous volcanism.

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Vintage road atlases show changing face of the American road trip

Wichita Sedgwick County Biographical Sketches Included is a total of Sedgwick County, Kansas family biographies including each of the following family surnames: The Portrait and Biographical Album of Sedgwick County, Kansas This detailed and rare volume pages in all originally published in This volume is entirely family biographies. This volume includes is a total of family biographies in Sedgwick County, Kansas including each of the following family surnames:

Rand McNally physical-political globe Technology and design by Nova Rico. Scale ,, Rand McNally. Florence, Italy. (actual date). 7 inch all plastic .

Map codes are in very small numbers and letters and are located on the bottom line of each map. There can be different map codes on each sub-map that is part of the overall map. For this discussion I am going to refer to the map code on the large state map on any given state map. Sometimes when they issued a new map, they only updated the State map and not the smaller maps leaving date codes indicating different years on the same map.

From about to most of the Maps Rand McNally produced were what I call “hard-cover” maps, the map is glued into a folder. All of these so called “hard-cover” maps I have seen can be dated with a year date that is fairly easy to find either on the map cover or on the map itself. It is interesting to note that in and I have not found any maps produced by Rand McNally for Oil Companies, it does not mean they do not exist, I have just not seen one.

The prewar map codes on the maps always started with a letter until , making it easy to figure out the year of the map, and after Rand McNally droped the Letter Codes and started using numbers.

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