Each night is a marathon of sharp dance choreography, music-video interludes and indoor pyrotechnics—all backgrounded, of course, by the roars of screaming fans. But the band—whose name stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan in Korean and Beyond the Scene in English—is also breaking new ground. DJ who has collaborated with BTS. The group is also preternaturally adept at leveraging social media, both to promote their music and connect with their fans. But for now, at least, they may need sleep. They were formed by Bang Si-hyuk, a K-pop renegade who left a major label to start his own enterprise. And although BTS has idol elements—the slick aesthetics, the sharp choreography, the fun-loving singles—they also embrace their flaws. Answer and Love Yourself:

Genius Vee is non active.

His birthday is 30 December Jimin said V sometimes worse than the maknae Jungkook. He likes searching for good songs that not many people know about it. V favourite color is Black, white, green

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Not much information is available about his brother or parents. Jin was a student at Konkuk University prior to his being street-cast for auditions. He majored in acting at the university. As a kid, Jin had often dreamt of becoming a detective. Growing up however, he found the entertainment scene more exciting and decided to pursue a career in it. He found himself drawn to hip hop and got very interested in the genre.

Suga, his fellow group member in an interview stated that this made it a lot easier for Jin to train to become an idol. Jin himself claims that training to be an idol was quite challenging at first since he was a student majoring in acting. He however adds that it got a lot easier when his colleagues started helping him prepare. They treated him really good and would occasionally offer him songs to listen to or recommend great songs.

Rumor has it that before making his debut on Bangtan Boys, Jin was an endorsement model. Some credible sources have it that this is actually a fact and that he still maintains good friendship with Jin Hyosang. As earlier stated, for his education, Jin attended Konkuk Univeristy where he studied art and acting both under the department of film.

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They stay true to themselves as the show manages to tie up all the loose ends nicely, leaving me feeling like everyone gets the ending they deserve. Ki-tae turns and walks away, leaving Jang-mi alone at the altar. While they talk, Ki-tae accidentally finds the envelope of postcards from Dad and swipes them.

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Theres a fine line between having fun and shipping etc and pretending to be someone while causing problematic rumours and actually getting into some illegal business. See, I was going to let it go but all of the things you are saying to each other are just plain cruel. Please have some respect for one another and stop telling people to kill themselves. And no we are not dating. To be honest that should not be anyones concern just in general. And this doesn’t apply just to me but it applies to everyone else.

I haven’t talked to anyone and the Instagram account is not me but please leave her alone now? I have at least cleared the majority of this issue by finally giving you some sort of answer and i am letting this go as a warning before taking any action. The hate comments towards me is fine, totally understand, its normal but if it comes to a point where its starting to get into a problematical situation and is affecting me, hands down it will be more than a warning.

There is no tea spilling or what not because i would be sipping on that tea right now. But please have the decency and be nice to one another. Don’t get fire up so easily! We should selective to get information..!

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Jimin Favorite number is 3 3. Jimin favorite Color is Light Blue, black 4. Jimin Blood Type is A 5. His birthday is 13 October

Is South Korea’s biggest Kpop group overdosing on plastic surgery? We asked a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills to analyze the faces of every single member of BTS.

This was also requested! We love when we get requests! If you have any suggestions to who we should listen to please tell us! Anyways, hope you enjoy!! Bts reacting to your relationship going public on the internet through accident. Jin had been sitting on his bunk relaxing and scrolling through his phone when a certain tweet caught his eye.

The picture was a Jungkook and Tae, and behind them was you and Jin on the couch, cuddling. His hand wrapped around you and him kissing your forehead. Jin jumped out of his bunk to find the two careless idiots. You and Jin had decided to keep your relationship in the down low because the both of you wanted to be comfortable enough to go out and about when the time came. Jin found Jungkook and Tae in the living room playing video games.

They took a closer look at the picture and their eyes widened. Jin got closer to them and whispered.

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But if the one who reports the rumor is a reporter with years of experience, some people might think twice. There is a rumor that one of BTS members is dating. He is currently working for two media and has his own channel. At his channel, there are many people lined up as he shares some secrets of some idols. Some of the rumors are that Wonder Girls will not renew their contract.

Dating rumors surrounding BTS’ Jin & LABOUM’s Solbin spread under the most trivial evidence Netizens allegedly scooped out new evidence that BTS ‘ Jin and LABOUM ‘s Solbin might be currently dating.

OSEN via Naver 1. Solbin and Jin are close so it’s not a big deal for them, it’s the fans who made this controversial 3. That shows no respect for fans Not only is he there a 5 year age gap between them but she was calling him “yah” really loudly in the ‘Music bank’ hall. It was also rude to her fans to just leave like that when her group was in the middle of a live.

And yet you left them so coldly like that..? How could you just leave like that when your fans were there to support you? It was so awkward for the other members to be left like that when everyone had come together for you. I always thought it was pathetic whenever I see female co-workers do aegyo all over the seniors and call them “oppa oppa” just for being a bit close to them.

It wasn’t even over and she just rushed saying bye before running after them. So awkward for the fans watching It was totally fine for Jin to say “good work” to her in passing

Dating rumors surrounding BTS’ Jin & LABOUM’s Solbin spread under the most trivial evidence

Tweet this on Twitter 1. On an episode of Problematic Men, RM discussed the relationship he had in high school. His ex girlfriend was popular with boys, and would often make him doubt himself. The two eventually broke up because of this. The interviewer said that he felt the whole album was really introspective and asked if it was meant to be this way.

The music video of BTS’ “Not Today” was released on the morning of February The MV’s world premiere initially excited the loyal fans of the hit South Korean boy band. However, some of those who have seen it closely have raised concerns regarding one of its members, Jin. Avid supporters of the Bangtam Boys [ ].

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