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Here is part II. On the envelope itself is the following identifying information: She submitted her questionnaire on March 9, , her commanding officer confirmed her claims on April 15th of the same year, and the official report was completed the next day on April Here is what looks like his signature on the document: She continued training in high school, liceum, and entered the Underground in June , right after finishing high school. She took courses on how to be a courier, the organization of the Underground and of the German military, as well as marksmanship, topography, and first aid. In these latter two places, she acted as a go-between for the partisans in the surrounding forests and Central Command in Warsaw. From , she also worked as an instructor training other women to serve in the Underground. The archivist Krystyna Zatylna said that the heaviest fighting in the first days of the Uprising was in Wola.

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Dec 11, HBO 1. Did you want two bagels stacked with spreads on spreads on spreads,” my mom will ask you when you visit. And twenty minutes after you’ve walked in. And again an hour later. The correct answer is always “yes” and the correct follow-up question is “This must be your mother’s recipe, right? You call that thing from the supermarket a bagel?

Note that having Yiddish as a Second Language is a clue but is not conclusive. As Lenny Bruce said, all New Yorkers are at least a little Jewish. Having a “Jewish” name ending in -berg, -stein or the like is also evidence but not proof. These names are actually just German names that many Ashkenazi Jews took when required to adopt some type of surname.

Media funded and run by women. Not racism in a metaphorical way. Sarah name changed and I went to the same politically radical college, where we first bonded over our love for practical joke-oriented performance art, cooperative living, and television. She goes to racial justice meetings and founded an arts residency for social justice.

Now, Sarah works at an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse hospital. But and this is a duh none of this means she will ever completely understand lived-through racism, and its impact on me. For starters, there were the basic economics. But there were also racial inequalities between Sarah and me. When I moved to a small white rural town in the Catskills to live with Sarah, I discovered how hard it was for a politically radical person of color to fit in. While some of my new acquaintances were friendly, others were outright hostile when I talked about cultural appropriation.

I was told wearing a sombrero at our Halloween party was not cultural appropriation because cultural appropriation is a relic of the past in our post-racial millennial society. When I asked why there were no local anti-Trump protests, I was told that our town was indeed doing activism, but in a grassroots way read:

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Jan 15, at 1: I lived on Sutter Ave corner of Hopkinson across from the H. Then came the Korean War and my friends and I went off to serve…. But they were marvelous days full of fond memories….

has seemingly endless resources for locals and tourists alike to take advantage of – from the scoop on best things to do and local attractions, to recommendations for top local.

Honey, it’s a penis, not Godzilla. Hey, if 85 percent aren’t circumcised, that means, I’ve only slept with 15 percent of the population, tops. Why, you’re practically a virgin. You know, he’s a nice WASPy guy; what went wrong? Well, maybe his parents were hippies and just didn’t believe in it. I am so circumcising my kids. I think you can pay people to do that now.

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Gabi Moskowitz , on Oct 8, Violet, on Dec 22, Thank you for this recipe! I have this cooking right now, smells delicious.

1 Adar 1 Adar – Rosh Chodesh Adar Mishenichnas Adar Marbin B’Simcha (Taanit 29). Today is the second day of Rosh Chodesh Adar. According to Rabi Shimon, this date is the beginning of the season referred to as kor – “cold.”.

We now live in Boynton Beach, FL. My address in Laurelton was th Street. We are in Florida since My e-mail address is larhe31 yahoo. Life is great – we are both retired and having fun in our Venetian Isles adult community. Would love to hear from you. Helene Kuskin Abramowitz, Louis – loua aol. Lived in Laurelton with my family and brother Martin on the corner of nd St.

Graduated from Fordham University majoring in Business and Economics. I will never forget Laurelton and all the great experiences that came with growing up there. Abramowitz, Martin – gumbo1 verizon.

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Unlocking Ancient Wisdom – Pirkei Avot 1: They said three things: Be deliberate in judgement, stand up many students, and make a fence for the Torah. Our Mishnah addresses this very issue. Yet the question presupposes an even deeper one:

The energetic tune of Hava Nagila has its origins in the early s in Czarist Russia. At the time, Czar Nicholas I enacted a number of cruel decrees against the Jewish population. Most devastating of all was the law that young Jewish boys be forcibly taken from their homes and serve in .

I’m not Jewish, but my wife and my children are Jewish, so that would clear up a lot of identity issues. In some cases, the show might present contradictory evidence on both sides. Often this is because it’s difficult to establish a character as Jewish without depicting them as a walking stereotype, particularly when there’s no omniscient narrator to simply say so or when they don’t fit the stereotype.

Note that having Yiddish as a Second Language is a clue but is not conclusive. Having a “Jewish” name ending in -berg, -stein or the like is also evidence but not proof. These names are actually just German names that many Ashkenazi Jews took when required to adopt some type of surname.

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A roti of fine white maida, leavened, rolled out oval in shape, sprinkled with nigella kalonji seeds and baked in a tandoor or ordinary oven. Small, mud plastered ovens closely resembling present-day tandoors’ have been excavated at Kalibangan, and Indus Valley site. In about AD , Amir Khusrau notes naan-e-tanuk light bread and naan-e-tanuri cooked in a tandoor oven at the imperial court in Delhi. Naan was in Mughal times a popular breakfast food, accompanied by kheema or kabab, of the humbler Muslims.

Making things more complicated, there are people who identify as ethnically Jewish (i.e. a descendant of the original Israelites, widely plausible due to the many massive diasporas Jews historically suffered) but do not practice Judaism as a religion, and may be agnostic or atheistic.

It is the main east-west street in southwest Brooklyn, and contains many secrets of old. I grew up three blocks from 86th, and so, when communities were more tight-knit, I knew the butchers, the bakers and the candle stick makers by name before they either retired or moved to the suburbs. Now, the B1 and B64 have been recast in unfamiliar routes, and the B37 has been altogether eliminated. But August 22, was not the day for a complete walk. I had just gotten back from a mission to Bayswater, Queens, an outpost on the Far Rockaway peninsula, and will have to return again as the ride was cut short due to scheduling necessities on the part of the friend who drove us there.

After lunch at Spumoni Gardens where I had never before been he went to his home, and I walked 86th from about Avenue V to the 18th Avenue station on the D. It was certainly laid out on maps by , when this Beers atlas plate of the town of New Utrecht was drawn. It was just a line on a map then, though.

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Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest www. Jews are a people with common historical and cultural traits as well as a shared core of religious identity. Some commentators identify Jews as a nation and others have erroneously called them a race. We have chosen to regard them as an ethnic group.

Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and

Do you happen to know of another cheese that might substitute well? I may just have to start experimenting with local cheeses. Zane , on Apr 23, Wendy, on Apr 25, Try adding some spinach too! Cooking Contest , on May 6,

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The energetic tune of Hava Nagila has its origins in the early s in Czarist Russia. At the time, Czar Nicholas I enacted a number of cruel decrees against the Jewish population. Given such privations, many Jews tried to resist, sometimes by defying the Czar publicly, and more often in private, by maintaining their Jewish practice and spirituality at home. One Jewish leader who gained a reputation as opposing the Czar was Rabbi Yisroel Friedman, who was born in in the town of Ruzhin, in the Ukraine.

Every so often my hit software registers when someone has put in a link to my site with a comment at places like “ Before It’s News.” Should I track such things .

Jewish Humor Central Jewish Humor Central is a daily publication to start your day with news of the Jewish world that’s likely to produce a knowing smile and some Yiddishe nachas. It’s also a collection of sources of Jewish humor–anything that brings a grin, chuckle, laugh, guffaw, or just a warm feeling to readers. Our posts include jokes, satire, books, music, films, videos, food, Unbelievable But True, and In the News. Some are new, and some are classics. We post every morning, Sunday through Friday.

Monday, November 21, A Joke to Start the Week – “The Sound of Music” It’s going to be a busy week, with Thanksgiving holiday travel and family gatherings and a mixture of anticipation and stress. What a perfect time for a joke to start the week. Once again we’re glad to welcome back Michael Hirsch, who has been featured as a Jewish Humor Central joke teller this year.

Today Michael, an investment advisor for individuals and institutions, gives us a shaggy dog story that evokes memories of the Frankenstein novels and movies. Igor is sitting in Frankenstein’s castle one evening when the front doorbell rings.

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