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Dancing takes place in venues all over town and in the newly reopened Spa Wells. Third generation matchmaker Willie Daly is on hand to bring hopeful singles together and boasts many marriages to date. Entrants are also asked to take a sponsorship Card. This is a challenging walk and a decent level of fitness will be required. Please Note this is a Walking Challenge and whilst you can Power walk the route, we will not be accepting runners for this event. Its probably one of the oldest horse fairs in Ireland! It falls on the first Sunday of October.

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Longtime Plainview dentist and his wife will be honored during homecoming festivities. October 4, Attorney Named Distinguishe Apply at this NJ savings bank to for an auto loan in NJ. PISD offers a robust selection of fine arts courses throughout middle school.

The Wild Atlantic Matchmaking and Music Festival takes place in Dromahair from November 5 – 8. The collaboration of three Leitrim based activity providers, Leitrim Landscapes Guided Walks, Adventure Gently Canoeing and Electric Bike Trails is a match made in heaven.

I was trying to make it to Armagh, the Holy City of Saint Patrick, but Armagh and Ulster were far to the north, and my arrival in Ireland had been delayed by the worst snowstorm in a decade, the fields checkerboarded in white as the plane descended into Dublin. But navigating the microscopic Micra down the left side of the road, I was glad the sun was out and melting; my first impression of European country lanes took the form of inches, a few inches from the hedgerows on the left, and a few inches from the grilles of huge, lumbering Scania trucks on the right.

A car was close on behind me running only its parking-lights in the pitch-dark, and a tractor lumbered along in front, swerving to the opposite side of the road to avoid a car parked directly in traffic, that driver having stopped to chat with a friend walking his dog through the muck. But for all that, I navigated the Micra through everything, around Ireland in high gear and back to Dublin, and never once saw an Irish driver so much as scowl.

On the contrary, the efficiency of their driving flowed effortlessly, like the way English flowed from their mouths, direct but in no great hurry to get anywhere. Slane, a tiny crossroads north of Dublin, is famous for Slane Castle and infamous for an ancient stone bridge crossing the River Boyne. Just a few weeks before, a family had been killed when a truck-driver chatting on his cell-phone rear-ended them at this bridge, where the N2, a main highway between Dublin and Derry, suddenly doglegs to the side and narrows to two lanes.

The Earl likes to throw giant rock-fests every summer, even after his Castle was nearly burnt down in the early Nineties. Saint Patrick, whom as you will see really got around Ireland, supposedly lit a fire at the crest of the Hill of Slane in CE, announcing his arrival to the Irish and defying the High King, Laoghaire, who had forbidden any fire to be lit within sight of his keep on the Hill of Tara. De Lacy then was exiled by King John, bribed his way back into Ireland after John was cornered into signing the Magna Carta, and finally suffered the ultimate indignity; while building another castle on the site of a sacred monastery, one of his Irish workers took umbrage at Hugh and suddenly whacked his head off with an axe.

This was probably the first action of the Irish labor movement. So much for great moments in Irish history. Still suffering from jet-lag and the culture-shock of breaking my record of distance from Los Angeles by a factor of two, I kept my mouth shut and soon headed east, to Newgrange, the largest Neolithic passage tomb in Ireland. Newgrange was enormous, so large it looked like another grassy hill, but the ring of brilliant white quartz around the base identified it as artificial, another great ring of stones surrounding it and crossing the interior, lining the passages and the tombs, the entrance partly blocked by the largest stone of all, decorated with interlocking spirals and swirls.

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Sind Sie nicht auf offiziellen Wanderwegen unterwegs sollten Sie unbedingt das zuweilen restriktive Wegerecht in Irland beachten. Oft befindet sich Land in Privatbesitz und darf nicht betreten werden, auch wenn die Landschaft einen wilden Eindruck macht. Wenn Sie auf eigene Faust unterwegs sind ist es extrem wichtig, dass Sie mit gutem Kartenmaterial ausgestattet sind.

Matchmaking, Music, Food, Activities and lots of fun for 18’s to 80’s Nov 5th – 8th Program of events: Wild Atlantic Matchmaking and Music Festival Dromahair Co Leitrim.

An error on this event page? Suggest a modification The Wild Atlantic Matchmaking and Music Festival The tradition of matchmaking is an ancient and honourable one, in Ireland and other cultures around the world, and Leitrim Tourism Network have once again organised a stellar weekend of music and fun, to run from Thursday, Nov. A well-known DJ will man the decks and there are buses running from Sligo.

On Friday evening in the Blue Devon, the hugely popular Rackhouse Pilfer, supported by The Firesiders will provide the music, a large crowd is anticipated, so get there early! Throughout the weekend, there will be a well balanced mix of fun events, for individuals and families alike, ranging from nature walks to food tasting, visits to local places of interest, and much more. Music for this much anticipated event will be provided by The Wild Rebels.

Tickets for the Friday and Saturday performances are 12 euro per night, with a discounted rate of 20 euro for the 2 nights combined. There are 3 major events. Ballroom Dancing from

Matchmaking & Music Festival in Dromahair

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Dromahair matchmaking festival. Sugar dating sites canada; Uk dating singles; latest free dating sites; Brecon Baroque Festival 3rd October Upcoming Events at Hopes of Longtown 27th September excluido matchmaking por abandonar.

We offer you a one hour nature and foraging walk, a one and a half hour canoe trip and, after a break for lunch, a one hour cycle on pedal assists bikes. For more information and to book: We wander through the lush forests on a short forage and maybe even find some chanterelles if the time of year is right. The little lanes winding their way through a typical rural Leitrim landscape are just perfect for a leisurely ride on the fabulous electric bikes. You might even spot some of the wildlife as you whiz along almost effortlessly.

Lough Gill and the wonderful Bonet River are the playgrounds for a short canoe trip with Adventure Gently. One is reminded of times gone by as every bend and every corner unravels a new view. Sometimes we stop at the ruins of an ancient tower house and paddle around the little island close by and count the water lilies. The local guides tell you all you want to know about the wildlife and some local folklore as well.

Located just between Leitrim and Roscommon at Batllebridge you get to choose river or canal.

Matchmaking & Music Festival in Dromahair

The Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival gives visitors an opportunity to find their other half in a small community in Ireland. Matchmaking is one of Ireland’s oldest traditions and a good deal of it has taken place in Lisdoonvarna during September and early October. The town developed into a tourist centre in the 1.

Matchmaking, Music, Food, Activities and lots of fun for 18’s to 80’s Nov 5th – 8th Program of events: Wild Atlantic Matchmaking and Music Festival Dromahair Co Leitrim Thursday 5th to 8th November “something for all.

Geography[ edit ] Dromahair lies in the hilly north west of Leitrim amid some stunning unspoiled natural landscapes. The village itself is also idyllic, located on the banks of the River Bonet, which flows into Lough Gill. Much of Dromahair was modelled on a village in Somerset by the Earl of Leitrim , and the central streetscape still follows the pattern set down by him. History[ edit ] The village takes its name from the ridge of high ground on which it is located above the Bonnet river.

The ridge was the site of the important early church site of Drumlease, a Patrician foundation of the fifth century AD. It was the seat of the O’Rourkes – the ancient Kings of Brieifne. The ruins of the O’Rourke castle built c. On the ruins of this ancient site now fourteen holiday cottages have been built. Creevelea Friary Dromahair Main Street.

Creevelea Abbey , located on the outskirts of the village, is a Franciscan Friary which was founded in and was in use until the 17th century when the Franciscans were forced to leave by the Cromwellian army. The nave, choir, tower and transept are well preserved and it is now protected as a national monument.

In addition, a fortified house constructed for Sir William Villiers c.

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Dromahair (Irish: Droim Dhá Thiar) meaning “Ridge of Two Demons” is a small village in County Leitrim, air is 10 km (6 mi) from Manorhamilton and 17 km (10 mi) from Sligo town.


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Dromahair Tourism: TripAdvisor has reviews of Dromahair Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Dromahair resource.


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Dromahair Demons Festival. likes. Welcome to the new Dromahair Demons Festival Page a place to share memories of festivals past ideas for festival.


Lisdoonvarna Matchmaker Festival, County Clare Ireland