Shooting the Browning A5 Sweet 16

Posted on May 26, by bcbuck Buck, I tried it this weekend and I must agree that your method of measuring length of pull is the best. I tried an old Remington Model 11 and it actually felt too short. Imagine my surprise when its pull measured 14 inches. The gun I love the most is a Browning Superposed made in It has a very small wrist and a sweeping pistol grip. It too measures 14 inches but it seems to fit me most naturally. I tip my hat to the master. The Browning has markings on the side of each barrel.

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Without such a certificate, it is illegal to sell or to offer for sale or to give or exchange such items. Please Note – In the case of mortars, flare pistols, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, they can be deactivated and certificated to the exisiting UK specification. A wonderful collection of premier firearms and military items from the Revolutionary War and Civil War, all the way through World War 2 and Vietnam. Preview starts at 8: The best part is you don’t pay anything to register, or to list your item s!

Our Militaria auctioneers strive to help you achieve the maximum possible realizations for your items and to help the buyers to buy with confidence knowing that they are bidding on quality lots.

SERIALIZATION This section has once again been expanded to help you identify the year of manufacture on many popular manufacturers and trademarks. To use these tables, compare your serial number(s) to the correct manufacturer and model, and ascertain which bracket it falls into based on the year of manufacture and corresponding serial number.

Hunting, fishing, cooking, and other critical aspects of life. To my knowledge, there isn’t a book out that covers European proof marks: If someone knows about such a book, please add a comment with that information. Steindler; it is available from Blacksmith Publishers Corporation. What I first look for are the marks indicating country of origin.

But if the gun is a British or Continental breechloader, it should have proof marks on the water table of the receiver and on the barrel flats near the breech. The one on the far right is the definite proof for nitro, or smokeless powder. The gauge or bore is typically indicated by a “12” or “16,” often accompanied by the chamber length see Kennett’s no.

Choke is so indicated in English why, I don’t know , and it can be an indication of date: Flintlock fowling pieces and rifles were made for the Northwest Indian trade until the early twentieth century; so, too, percussion long guns for sale in Africa.

M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle

Authored by Staff Writer. The Model was another successful John Browning firearms design that was initially produced by the Belgian firm of Fabrique Nationale. The sidearm proved an excellent addition to the inventories of many national armies and security forces around the world. The gun went on to see action in Word War 1 and World War 2, seeing production into the early s. This action is most often recognized as the “trigger” to the powder keg that resulted in World War 1.

May 30,  · My father has a Belgian Browning Hi-Power 9mm. Sn is 39xxx. The BHP was introduced ~ , and FN prewar serial number records were destroyed when the factory was bombed.

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A Acanthus Scroll – An engraving design patterned after any of a variety of plants of the genus Acanthus, native to the Mediterranean, with large, segmented, thistle-like leaves. Photo Accuracy – The inherent ability of a firearm to shoot consistently to the same point of impact. Sight adjustment and marksmanship are separate issues.

Aug 28,  · Hello everyone, any help in finding the production place, and date, and value of my Belgian Browning shotgun would be greatly appreciated! Instead of trying to describe the markings I will post some pics and if any more info helps let me know and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your help!

I had been a loyal 94 follower and had tried most of the calibers and variations. Something struck me wrong about the closing of the plant and I was soon out of the Winchester ownership program. One day I heard about the new. Upon firing both, I found the chambers to be to rough and actually had fired rounds brass seize up in the chambers. Both had to have the chamber polished out! I did a little research and found others who had the same problem.

I then began to notice some quality issues with the newer LA Marlins on my main dealers rack and thought to myself – it is happening again. I have actually gotten a little ahead of myself.

7mm Belgium Browning Bar

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Oct 10,  · I have a Browning Auto 5 16 ga, but I’m confused about the value. The serial number is 35,xxx. The barrel has the “BROWNING AUTOMATIC ARMS CO. OGDEN UTAH-U.S.A” mark on it. The serial number, according to browning, means that it was made sometime between and

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Belgian Browning Identification

Welcome Thank you for visiting our on-line listing of manufacturers identifying marks, referred to more commonly as “Proof Marks”, “Arsenal” or “Inspector Marks”. We have provided you with this information in an attempt to clear up some wrong information that we have found on this subject. After years of looking at and trying to identify antique arms from different parts of the world, we decided to share our findings by this means of communication.

Again, thank you for your continued support, encouragement and admonishment.

belgium browning serial numbers list, Now you can date your Browning firearm. The serial number found on your gun has the answer. This area will help you read that serial number. To find your serial number, Images of belgium browning serial numbers list,,,,, See more images of belgium browning serial numbers list, browning gun values by.

After that, the parts were produced in Belgium but the rifles themselves were assembled in Portugal. The barrel markings will make note of the change. The ‘ ’76 Belgian guns will have an ‘M’ followed by a 1 or 2 digit number code for the year of mfg in the serial number and they restarted with ser each year during that time IIRC. Not sure what they did during the later assembled guns. All were drilled and tapped at the factory for scope mounts.

Mostly high grade wood used on ‘graded’ guns was affected. It impregnated the wood with salt as the moisture was drawn out and to this day the wood will rust the metal parts of the gun as it still draws moisture back into it as any hygroscopic salt will do. For many years Browning would replace the wood on these ‘salt guns’ guns, but I don’t think they’ll do that anymore. It is salt water pitting. That small line of rust and the attempt to remove a butt plate wood screw are usually the first things that draw attention to the problem.

The butt plate screws usually twist right off at the head as the shank is rusted and eaten away in the wood from the salt.

Browning Auto 5 Light Twelve: An Amercian Classic made in Belgium